Our projects “Integrated Orchestra” and “Shared”, in the midst of the creative process!

Our projects “Integrated Orquesta for young musicians with and without “functional diversity” and “Compartidas (Shared), the social value of the arts” are in the midst of a collective creative process.

We have already made a lot of progress with participants from the ASPROSEAT occupational centres 1981 and Marina with Queralt Prats and Jordi Cortés.

We’re also very happy to welcome into the team Guillem Roma (photo), with whom we started working a few days ago on the creative process with 2 participating groups (the Allegretto Orchestra of the EMAC and Joff de Pausa) and some individually enrolled participants. We created three small musical moments that we will continue polishing with the rest of participants and registered organisations, and that you will be able to enjoy at the performance in June at the Mercat de las Flors!


Guillem Roma