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COMPARTIDES, el valor social de les arts

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Lev Tolstoy said that the social value of art lies in the fact that people share emotions through art.

The project is inspired by this idea that the writer, philosopher and reformer of Russian education (one of the first to claim the right to education for all) expressed. The idea that the social value of the arts is in sharing emotions, and that emotions, like struggles, when shared have more strength. Thus we present SHARED, the social value of the arts.

The project merges different companies and artists, professional and non-professional, musicians and dancers, with and without functional diversity, in an intense creative and human process. This process leads to a production that shares with the general public the struggles and emotions, based on a selected theme for each edition, which are the starting point of creative processes which nobody knows where they will take us.

The following groups have participated in SHARED: Yur Dance Company, Las Impuxibles, the ASPROSEAT Occupational Centres La Marina and 1981, the Municipal Music School Can Ponsic and the choir NovAura.

This is an annual project.


2017-2018 EDITION


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