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Community and social impact in Andorra

ONCA Foundation

“Music is not a musical object separate from the people or social context which makes it possible”
John Blacking

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We designed and set up the project COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL IMPACT for the ONCA Foundation.

The ONCA Foundation is an organisation set up by the Andorran government and the Andorra Credit Foundation (who are the patrons), and its aim is to manage and promote the Orquestra Nacional Clàssica d’Andorra (ONCA), and the Jove Orquestra Nacional de Cambra d’Andorra (JONCA), so that Andorra can have a high quality orchestra, able to reach out to its citizens, and the rest of the world, and contribute to the development of the musical sensibility of the population and the cultural enrichment of Andorra.

As a direct result of the desire to ensure art and music is accessible to all, to innovate and make participation in music a possibility for everyone that, led by ARTransforma, in 2015 the ONCA Foundation’s socio-educational programme was born: Community and Social Impact. A programme born from the need to create opportunities for children, young people and adults at risk from exclusion to participate in quality and inclusive musical and artistic activities, through processes that involve transformation, implication, universal access to music, a programme that makes the right to culture for all a reality. The first project from the programme takes place in autumn 2015, a pilot project called Musica’t, with two different lines of work:

– Training for professional musicians from the ONCA and the rest of the country,
– The first project in Andorra, in conjunction with the Special School Meritxell.


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