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Orquestra Integrada 2019

ARTransforma celebrates its 10th anniversary with the show EL PAS DEL TEMPS at the Mercat de les Flors, on 16 June 2019, at 19:30h.

On its 10th anniversary, ARTransforma has become a benchmark for cultural projects with a social impact, especially in music and dance, and in particular with people with functional diversity. This year it has been awarded the Barcelona Educational Innovation 2019 Prize by the Barcelona City Council.
The show EL PAS DEL TEMPS celebrates the past with brushstrokes of creative processes of the projects “Integrated Orchestra for young people with and without functional diversity” and “Shared, the social value of the arts” from previous years while calling us to reflect on the knowledge and perception we have of time .
We immerse ourselves in the experience of Kairos, Aion and Cronus, gods of time, in the movement (of dance and sound) that makes the existence of time possible, in thermodynamics, entropy, in chaos. Past, present and future, eternity, the instant. The time that lengthens or freezes, the time of history and of the story. The time to die and the time to breathe.

“I, above all, do not forget that your time…
is this time that you have been given to live:
there is no other and you must not abandon it.”

Miquel Martí i Pol

The project brings together social, educational and cultural entities that work collectively and in a participatory manner in a 9-month creative process that ends with a performance at the Flower Market. In the show EL PAS DEL TEMPS, the Bogatell Occupational Centre (Icaria Iniciatives Socials), the 1981 Occupational Centre and the La Marina Occupational Centre (ASPROSEAT), the Symphony Orchestra and the Back Beat Choir of the Sant Andreu – Pich Santasusana Municipal School of Music, the Souls That Beat Choir, 14 individual registrations, volunteers and professionals are participating. The professionals are those of each participating entity and those of the ARTransforma team (in this project): Santi Carcasona, Albert Gumí, Júlia Matas, Nacho Melús and Queralt Prats.

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