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The project consists of participative music sessions/workshops every two weeks over a period of 5 to 9 months that end in a concert for other inmates, families and staff at the centre. During the sessions, the participants learn to play instruments that remain in the centre so that they can have access to them and practice between work sessions, to strengthen their commitment to the project and their learning, which has a direct impact on the rest of the participants, on the group, and on the wellbeing that these advances and lessons provide.

The project is promoted by the Ukessomriures group, which is currently leading the project and the sessions at Brians 2. Ukessomriures brings the world of the ukulele to a variety of people and groups, providing them with knowledge of the instrument and its possibilities, combined with the use of the voice and other percussion instruments, developing quality relationships and other life skills which are tightly linked to music and making music in a group.

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