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SHARED, 2017-2018

Created, promoted and directed by Queralt Prats Bruguera from ARTransforma, the project Shared, the social value of the arts fuses professional and non-professional artists, music and dance, with and without functional diversity, in an intense creative and human process that leads to performance to be shared with the general public, battles and emotions in relation to the arts and people, about participation, professionalism, opportunities and rights in the artistic sector, about barriers and diversity.

The project promotes inclusion, social cohesion, education and creativity through unique opportunities for cultural, educational and social participation between entities in the cultural, educational and social spheres over 9 months through a collective creative process which has given rise to the spectacular Phoenix: the piece explores the conflicts we live with, conflicts with our friends and with others, imbalance, incomprehension, tension, despair, chaos, fear, destruction, weeping, crisis, wars, bombs, displacements, murders, death…


The Innerland Projekt Association, the La Marina Occupational Centre and the 1981 ASPROSEAT Occupational Centre, the Adri Mascort Cia, the Cor NovAura, students from the Àngels Casas Music School, as well as individuals, professionals and volunteers from ARTransforma will take part in the event. At the head of the project there are artists such as the dancer and choreographer Jordi Cortés and the musicians Santi Carcasona, Guillem Roma and Queralt Prats. The performance also includes a collaboration from the actor Lluís Homar.

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