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The visible sounds

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Photographic exhibition

Images of Ariadna Trias and texts by Màrius Serra



The photographic exhibition The Visible Sounds is part of the MUSIC WITHIN REACH,  project, music for people with disabilities, which aims to promote equal opportunities in the arts as well as recognise the creative potential of people. In this project, children, young people and adults with functional diversity participate regularly in musical activities, contributing their unique way of experiencing music and interacting through it.

The Visible Sounds is a collection of images which contemplate moments of learning, experiences lived and shared emotions through art. It is our way of helping to rethink the vision of art and creativity, to begin to undo the damage and erase stigmas around the word disabled. The Visible Sounds hopes to be an open window to all those who are not part of the project, thus affecting, in one way or another, aspects of social awareness and general knowledge about Disability and Art. 28.

The exhibition features images by the photographer Ariadna Trias that illustrate the participation of children, young people and adults with functional diversity in activities that are quite common in the lives of most of the population. Photographs that change, excite and arouse new visions of our environment. The images are accompanied by texts by the writer Màrius Serra; texts that invite us to reflect, to smile, and that – together with the accompanying image – convey to us what our protagonists cannot explain to us in words.

The exhibition can also be attended by one or more training sessions. The different modules encompass different topics and are designed for different areas and ages (general public, students from the field of disability, teachers and students in the field of music, primary, secondary, high school, university, etc.) Get in contact if you are interested.

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