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The professionals involved with ARTransforma lead workshops, seminars and courses of different lengths for professionals from the non-profit sector, social workers, management teams from different centres, music schools and artists. These have covered a range of topics including inclusion, music and equal opportunities, art and social transformation, artistic interdisciplinarity and transversality, babies, providing tools and resources for experiencing music (making, creating, learning) and art in general, on an everyday basis, for everyone.

You can write to us at, because we also design training programmes according to the different needs of each centre or group.

To get a taste, you can see some images and find out more about some of our training programs here:

Conference-concert: functional diversity and music

Dossier: In-situ Training delivered by professionals and participants from Música a l’abast, music for diversity.


We also offer training for employees at nurseries, special schools, etc.