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Ukessomriures (Catalan for ukulele smiles) is an initiative born in 2017 out of hope from a bunch of ukulele players willing to share the magic of music by offering solidarity and interactive concerts for a variety of social organizations,

This is a musical, social and educational project with the aim of bringing music to collectives which, for whatever reason, have difficulties to enjoy it. We are talking about people with intellectual or physical challenges, people suffering from mental health issues or severe mental disorders, elderly people, amongst others,

Ukessomriures summarizes its objective in the motto: «Four strings, four wishes; inclusion, emotion, hopes and smiles». We use the ukulele for it being a kind, joyful and versatile musical instrument that invites everybody to participate.

From September 2018 Ukessomriures is part of ARTransforma, from where it continues offering its activities (the solidarity concerts, the workshop and concert, the music and motion workshops, amongst others) with the goal of promoting the values of involvement and inclusion through the arts, to make them available to everybody.

The solidarity concerts: Ukessomriures is offering an adequate repertoire for the diverse audiences with popular songs sung in different languages and styles. With a custom length, the concerts are created to make music accessible by promoting audience interaction.

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The workshop and concert: this activity revolves around an on stage performance of the participants of a workshop where several songs are learnt and rehearsed. Its goal is to motivate, to stimulate and to enrich the participants and, at the same time, to make them visible.

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The music and motion workshop: its goal is to study and experiment the nature of music and motion. We explore the concept of music, its origin and what makes us feel. We consider its nature as a daily activity as well as an artistic expression. We experiment how can music can be expressed with our bodies. Our tools are ukuleles and a variety of percussion instruments, dance exercises and corporal expression.

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