Volunteering is the centrepiece in this process of social transformation in which ARTransforma works. We understand that volunteers are transforming agents that promote this change of look and therefore become fundamental in the various projects developed by the entity. The technical knowledge, abilities and attitudes, and above all the human contribution, give it power and value.


There is no specific volunteer profile for the ARTransforma team, but it is open to all those who wish to participate without age, sex, profession or personal characteristics. We understand that the value of each person lies precisely in diversity, and this is where the true human potential of ARTransforma will be built.

The development of the task does not have a specific duration, but depends on the commitment assumed by the volunteer. During the selection process, the minimum length of volunteering is agreed upon and compliance is requested. Throughout the collaboration, the volunteer will have the support of the professionals with whom he or she works, as well as the volunteer coordinator, who will provide feedback and follow-up.


If you want to know a little more, do not hesitate to write to: voluntariat@artransforma.org