Who we are

ARTransforma is a group of professionals from the artistic, educational and social sectors working collaboratively and on a range of different projects. An important part of our team is made up of volunteers, who are involved both in the running of the organisation itself and each project or action.

“For centuries creativity was thought of as a natural gift that only a few possessed, but we now know that creativity is an ingredient that everyone has, and it can be taught and developed. We also know that for some people, creativity is a way of being and living, and that it draws paths towards a better world, a fairer world, with more opportunities, and more beautiful. And this milestone fascinates us.

Using creativity as the only possible path, we created and continue to develop ARTransforma: changing the way people look at the arts, education, and people... imagining and dreaming, working hard to make our dreams come true... with an open attitude, turning threats into challenges and opportunities, sharing and learning, taking risks and enjoying the process.

ARTransforma is a non-profit organisation, created in 2009 by professionals from the cultural, social, arts and education sectors, whose aim is to develop opportunities for participation, education and professionalization in the arts. We work towards making the UN resolution 48/96 a reality: Cultural rights are an unalienable individual right. Equal opportunities in relation to people’s access to culture, works of art, patrimony and artistic practise is an important part of our identity.

Art as a tool for social transformation, and access to art for all, artistic and cultural transformation. We develop artistic and cultural projects specifically for groups with little or no access to quality creative activities, giving art and culture back to (all) people. We develop and collaborate with projects that promote inclusion and social cohesion, working collaboratively with other organisations and professionals.

Through different projects and actions, at ARTransforma we promote art and culture as tools to encourage creativity (on a day-to-day basis), empowerment and transformation, while we investigate, innovate, diversify and enlarge the existing cultural ranking, making new art forms possible and new means for artistic creation and participation.” 


                            Queralt Prats, Founder and Director of ARTransforma