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Forgotten music, residential care homes

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fotoArtistic and creative project with the elderly, and Care Home employees and volunteers.

“Art allows us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” Thomas Merton

The project, led by artists and social workers, offers participatory music, movement and creativity sessions (with elements of other arts) for elderly people living in residential care homes. Sharing with participants, care home employees and professionals artists, activities, games, small concerts, instruments, sounds, musical experimentation, creation, improvisation, song, movement … fostering autonomy, decision making, interaction, enjoyment and learning.

Families, as an important agent in the life of the participants, are part of the project in some sessions and actions.

The project contemplates training for care home employees, in order to be able to give continuity to the actions, and promote a space for creativity and well being throughout the whole day, every day.

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